Caring For Your Teeth

Like the eyes the beauty of your teeth can attract or repel a person. Moreover, dental hygiene is very important. Caring for your teeth will help you live a healthy life and as you grow older you will realize the wisdom of taking care of your teeth. Go right here if you are looking for a qualified dentist.

You must brush your teeth at least two times per day for about two minutes. Make sure you brush all parts of your teeth and input this healthy habit in your children and loved ones too. Using a soft bristled toothbrush or an electric toothbrush would be healthy on your teeth. The benefits of brushing regularly are healthy teeth as well as fresh breath. Note that brushing your teeth soon after your meals is not healthy as the enamel in your mouth will be softer due to the release of acids during eating.

Using toothpaste that has chloride in it will help protect the enamel and you will be less likely to get cavities. So make sure that there is at least 1,350 – 1,500 ppm of chloride in your toothpaste. It is alright for children to use toothpaste with high chloride if you make sure they spit it out later.

Flossing cleans the surface between the teeth, so you must floss regularly. When flossing below the gum line be careful and note that if you are new to flossing you may experience gum bleeding. A dentist could do a teeth cleaning Melbourne CBD for you.

Using a mouthwash regularly will help kill the unnecessary bacteria in your mouth. When looking for a suitable mouthwash look again for the chlorine content in it. Mouthwash should be swished around the mouth making sure it covers every inch and hold it in for about two minutes. Swallowing the mouthwash can be bad on your stomach so if you want to kill the bacteria further down your mouth you can try gargling. 

Dental hygiene does not only include your teeth and gum but your tongue too. As the surface of the tongue is uneven food particles and bacteria can stay trapped in it. Make sure you clean your tongue by scrapping it. You can use a tongue scrapper for this purpose. It is well known that when you don’t scrape your tongue you breathe does not smell fresh.

Smoking and chewing beetle discolours the teeth and is bad for the dental hygiene. Many smokers do teeth whitening to keep their teeth look white.

Make sure you have a healthy diet as unhealthy food may cause blisters and burns in the walls of your mouth. Too much sugary food is also bad for the teeth. Visit a dentist for more care and protection.