Types Of Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery

Women who have long labia or vaginal lips turn to cosmetic gynecological surgery. This surgery is done to reduce or reshape their labia minora or vaginal lips. There are many ways methods in performing this surgical procedure. Usually the surgical procedure will take an hour or two with minimal pain and women who undergo this surgery can leave the hospital on the same day but might feel slight discomfort.
There are many methods and various techniques used in performing a labiaplasty.
Labiaplasty differs from women to women and each technique has its own benefits and disadvantage. The cosmetic gynecological surgeon will examine the women vaginal lips and choose the appropriate and right procedure for that particular patient situation.
Below are the different types of techniques used in vaginal lip procedure:

The amputation – this amputation technique was the first method used in performing virginal lip surgery. This surgery is the simplest technique. This method is done by reducing the size of the labia by cutting the excess tissue in the vaginal lips.  A clamp is placed over the excess tissue to control the blood flow when it is cut with a scapel or laser and the this open cut is stitched up making the labia looking smaller than before.  This method will affect the natural edge of the labia
Central wedge resection – this method is where the cosmetic gynogolist cuts a triangle of the tissue from the labia’s centre. Since it is a full thickness resection the natural edge of the labia is preserved. But this procedure has so many risks like numbness, damage to the nerves, and loss of sensitivity. This procedure can be more painful and leave a scar behind. Also sometimes it can under correct or overcorrect the gynecomastia surgery and provide you with exceptional support.
De-epithelisation – this technique is used to cut away the connected tissues. It removes some of the epithelial layers of the labia on both sides. This helps in reducing the vaginal lips.
Edge resection – this method is used in making the edge of labia blood flow to stop and then the excess tissue is removed. Also the surgeon sutures the wound to prevent loss of blood. This surgery once completed will give an unnatural and perfect looking labia because it will remove the wrinkle looks on the labia.
Laser straight edge – this method removes the darker edges along the labia with the laser straight edge. This surgery causes only minimal pain and thermal injury. The healing process after this surgery is quick and fast. Another benefit in the laser straight edge method is that the patient can shape and size the labia according to their desire.