Diversity Of Sports Medicine

Sports medicine is a branch of medicine that specializes mainly on the injuries of athletes and their health care. Sport medical doctors also have the responsibility of making sure that the athlete is fit, both physically and mentally. It takes a maximum of 6 year so to major as a professional childrens podiatrist in this field but there are many ways to get to it and one doesn’t have to necessarily do a MBBS.

There are a few types of sports medicine namely, sport psychiatrists, orthopaedic surgeons, sports podiatrist. All of these don’t necessarily have to cater for only athletes; they could cater for anyone doing any sort of sport ranging from cricket to karate. They could work in hospitals or even high schools and academies. 

Sports psychiatrists

They have a similar job to normal psychiatrists. They have to make sure the athlete is in a good and positive state of mind. It is said that sometimes athlete who face defeat go into depression and lose their competitiveness.  Athletes are prone to face defeat that could de-motivate them and it’s a sport psychiatrist’s job to make sure their mental state is kept normal so they are prepared for the next match. Even the diet of the athlete must be over looked by the doctor, as one sign of depression is contracting an eating disorder.

Primary care sport medical doctors

These doctors are non surgical doctors and only cater to diagnosing, treating and preventing athletes’ injuries. In case of a team sport such as cricket, football or netball a whole team of doctors are called upon due to the larger number of players. Primary care sport medical doctors have to also make sure the athlete is physically fit and must schedule a daily exercise routine to avoid cramps and sprains. Rehabilitation is also necessary for some athletes and under the supervision of a primary care sport doctor this can be performed on the athlete.

Other types of sport doctors

Sports podiatrist is a doctor who is specialized in the lower extremities of an athlete mainly the knee and ankle. Ankle injuries, Knee injuries, Shin splits and Tendonitis that are caused during the practise sessions or the match are treated by these doctors. These doctors could even perform surgery given they have the specialization in that field.

Orthopaedic surgeons are doctors who are concerned in the musculoskeletal system. They treat injuries, infection and even tumours. These types of surgeons look into the condition of the athlete and then conclude if surgery is required or not. Orthopaedic surgeons mainly focus on the athlete’s foot, ankle, hip, knee, hand, shoulder and spine.